Captain Awesome

Until I met my boyfriend last year, I hadn’t drawn anything for a really long time.

At that stage he wasn’t my boyfriend – just a guy I had a Big Crush on – and when he mentioned he liked ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, I went home and made some stickers of Max and one of the Wild Things for him. As any self-respecting madwoman would do.

pencil drawing of Captain AwesomeI was nervous as hell when I gave them to him – afterall, he had no idea that I liked him, so giving him something I’d obviously taken hours to make specifically for him, felt roughly equivalent to delivering him my heart on a plate.

I handed them over quickly, hands trembling, and mumbled some disclaimer about how they were for him – but only if he liked them.

Luckily, he did like them. Quite a bit, as it turned out. And within a week, we were dating.

Naturally, going out with someone who appreciates my quirky tastes has brought new opportunities to draw! To begin with, I started reproducing existing characters on sticker sheets, but one day, I was doodling in a notebook on the train ride to work, and Captain Awesome sprang to life.

He has appeared in his own comic strip, but Captain Awesome’s a busy man. So mostly he confines himself to stickers – which have a tendency to turn up in unexpected places!

I drew this one to celebrate Captain Awesome’s selection in the 2013 Australian Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup side.

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