Cartoon profile pictureI’m a Sydney-based writer and editor who enjoys exploring, drawing and writing about the world in all its wonderful weirdness.

My household includes one Crazy Dog, a neurotic cat and two delightful teenagers. (Yes, I say that with near-complete sincerity!)

I blog about whatever piques my interest, pokes my intellect or grabs my imagination at the time, from the reflective to the strange, silly and somewhat deranged.

The knuckle sandwich epiphany is by far my most-read post (courtesy of Freshly Pressed and WordPress Editor’s Picks of 2013), but some of my less-read favourites include:

You can find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/howthelight

Or contact me via email: psyren1974@gmail.com

Copyright © 2016 Psyren Song. All artwork and content on this site is made by me, except for a few bits that aren’t. When I do include images from elsewhere, I acknowledge the source and include a URL. If you’d like to use any of my stuff for non-commercial purposes, no need to email me to ask permission – you’re most welcome to use it if you include the source and URL. A big thank you to the lovely people who have emailed me in the past to request permission to use particular images – I’m sorry I haven’t always got back to you in a timely manner. It excites me to hear about the cool things my drawings get used for, so do feel free to keep emailing – but only because I’m interested to hear about it! Please don’t feel obliged to wait around for explicit permission. Go ahead and drop one of my drawings in your email newsletter or powerpoint presentation. Hope it adds some joy to your day or somebody else’s!

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