My crazy dog

My dog is crazy, and for the most part, this is a very charming characteristic.

For instance, he is overly enthusiastic about greeting people at the door – whether it’s for the first time…
Drawing of a dog jumping high in the air, syaing "Hello! You're new! I love meeting new people!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "This great! We're meeting each other for the first time right now!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "Doesn't it feel great?"Or the hundredth time…

Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "Hello! I know you! We've seen each other before!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "I'm so glad you came back!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "Isn't it great to see each other again?"He is extremely appreciative of any opportunity to eat.Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "Hey! You've Got a piece of dry bread for the rabbit! Reckon I can have some?" Drawing of a dog sitting, wagging his tail and quivering with excitement saying, "I'll sit for it! See how straight  I'm sitting?"Drawing of a dog running with his tongue hanging out, and saying, "She gave me a bit! She gave me a bit!"Drawing of a dog running with his tongue hanging out, and saying, "I've got a corner of dry bread! I am the luckiest dog in the world!"And he is easily entertained.
Drawing of a dog standing over a dead rat, looking up happily and saying, "Look! See this rat? I killed it for you earlier." Drawing of a dog poking a dead rat with his nose and saying, "It's been dead for a few hours now, which can get a bit boring. But look what happens when I poke it!"
Drawing of a dog throwing a dead rat in the air and saying, "See?! It moved! It's alive! It's alive!"Drawing of a dog wrestling a dead rat and saying "I'm gonna kill it agian for you! I'm gonna kill it so dead!"But he hates other dogs.

Little ones. Big ones. Placid ones. Playful ones. He hates them all. And he’s very physical about expressing it.Drawing of a very angry dog baring its teeth and barking, "I hate you! Go away go away go away! I'm gonna rip out your throat and toss your guts everywhere!"Fortunately, he is about the size of a loaf of bread, so his chances of escaping the leash and enacting his murderous plans are slim.

Nonetheless, his thirst for blood is confusing for other dogs we meet on walks. Because mostly they just want to mind their own business. And sometimes they even want to make friends.
Drawing of a confused-looking dog, saying, "Huh? That was my absolute friendliest 'Hello' sniff. What are you so worked up about?"It’s also a bit sad for our dog, because it means he never has anyone to share his most important dog-moments – like frolicking, panting and rolling in poo.

Lucky for him, we have a big old cat.

The cat may be baffled by some of life’s doggier joys –
Drawing of a dog on its back, rolling happily in manure. He is saying, "Hey cat! They put manure on the garden! It smells fantastic! Come and roll in it with me!" Drawing of a cat licking its paw and saying, "Um, nooo. I just finished grooming. Fastidiously. For the last hour...I'll wrestle with you later, though."But he sticks by the dog and appreciates his quirks.Drawing of a cat and dog wrestling playfully. The dog is saying, "I am so powerful! I am your lord and master!" The cat is saying, "Yup. Sure you are."Drawing of a cat and dog wrestling viciously. The dog is saying, "I'll destroy you! Fight me! Fight me!"
And he’s that rare kind of friend who tells it like it is.
Drawing of an angry cat swiping a dog across the face and saying, "You're being a dickhead - cut it out!"All in all, it’s pretty much the perfect friendship.

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