When you know you are falling

There’s a stretch of sweet terrain between anxiety and depression that feels almost like bliss. Because when I find myself there, the tumult of anxiety falls quiet.

Drawing of a girl looking worried, with negative words swirling around her.Drawing of a girl cupping her hand to her ear, with the words "Everything is shhhhh" above her.

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My crazy dog

My dog is crazy, and for the most part, this is a very charming characteristic.

For instance, he is overly enthusiastic about greeting people at the door – whether it’s for theĀ first time…
Drawing of a dog jumping high in the air, syaing "Hello! You're new! I love meeting new people!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "This great! We're meeting each other for the first time right now!"Drawing of a dog jumping and saying, "Doesn't it feel great?"Or the hundredth time…

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